Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Soldier Takes His Fight To His Sister's Kidnappers In The New Shortfilm Thriller, TEARS AT DAWN

Following an post I spotted more than at The Action Elite led me to the newest action packed shortfilm, Tears At Dawn, featuring actor Aaron Alexander who gets down and dirty as the lead who goes on a vengeful manhunt for the individuals who kidnapped his sister. Soon after hitting this year's film festival circuit in Los Angeles, Tears At Dawn is ultimately accessible on the internet to view.

The new shortfilm also stars Alyssa Roussel, Stephen Felix, Mia Rangel, Jasmine Flores, Cassandra Dixson, Conrad Gonzales and Bella Samman with fight choreography by Hector Gonzales. Be positive to check out the synopsis, in addition to the director's poignant and heartfelt statement about the film from the official internet site.

Soon after two productive tours in the Middle East where he received coaching in the deadly hand-to-hand combat of Kali and Escrima, Force Recon Marine Corpsman Arthur Orange finds himself adjusting to the domestic life with his small sister Mya. When she sneaks out to get ice cream and is subsequently kidnapped, Arthur need to venture out for a turbulent evening of blood, sweat and tears to return her to security. TEARS AT DAWN is a candy-colored thrill ride about one particular man’s quest to re-unite his household by any means essential.

Tears At Dawn was initially written as a joke, born out of an academic assignment in my second year of graduate film school at University of Texas at Austin. I was tasked with pitching my graduate thesis film as our final project in a spring creating course. I was busy finishing perform on my final film Housebreaking, a house invasion thriller, and all of my creativity was directed towards the project at hand. I had a wonderful knowledge directing my 1st genre film and I knew that I wanted to continue possessing fun creating movies. I had this thought bubbling in my head about undertaking an action film about human trafficking, mainly since my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri was becoming an emerging hub for this type of activity. The city was swiftly turning into a dark fantasia, like one thing out of David Simon’s The Wire Single mothers sticking their babies in ovens, dead children displaying up in buying carts, just actually horrible stuff. I worked in 1 of these inner city neighborhoods as an editor and a lot of what wound up in the initial treatment of the film was a composite of overheard sayings and people that surrounded me some 4 years ago. 
So I set forth writing the treatment, a quite in your face genre piece that somewhat went against the grain of typical academic filmmaking. It was liberating to write this way I was so utilized to generating films inside my indicates, that I consider I lost touch with the imagination and creativity that attracted me to generating films. Over the summer season the script was written, and revised, and revised again, till I had one thing I would be proud to make. It was a sprawling mess but the core remained intact from the initial draft to the final created film: A man must sets out in desperate situations to re-unite his family. Its a trope explored in a lot of Hollywood films across genre, from The Searchers to Taken, but I had by no means seen it accomplished with a brother/sister dynamic and I felt the want to explore it with my own aesthetic and moral sensibilities. 
A main element in my production anxieties was the killing of Trayvon Martin on the eve of production, which was a neighborhood story at the time. I had several conversations with my co-producer Deepak Chetty about altering my original program primarily based on the news of the day. Our lead wears a hoodie as his costume and, to be frank, goes on a rather violent rampage against a lot of lighter skinned foes. I was worried an audience member may possibly get the incorrect notion about my intentions for the movie. Tears At Dawn is an exploration of excellent vs. evil, a storytelling framework that pre-dates the Bible. Our hero is acting upon his desire to protect and re-unite his family members.

Watch the trailer beneath, and CLICK Right here to view the film.

TEARS AT DAWN - TRAILER from Jordan Kerfeld on Vimeo.
A Soldier Takes His Fight To His Sister's Kidnappers In The New Shortfilm Thriller, TEARS AT DAWN
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