Sunday, November 3, 2013

A New Terror Emerges To Continue The Nightwing Story Arc In THE DARK KNIGHT LEGACY

Machninima continues to lend its viewing audience the goods with Monday's newly unveiled Batman-oriented fan film, The Dark Knight Legacy. Pitched as the begin of a reboot of the story continuing one year from where director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy left off in the 2012 film, The Dark Knight Legacy relaunches "Robin" John Blake's story as he sets out to shield Gotham from a new masked vigilante recognized as Red Hood, threatening to reignite chaos with the spilled blood of the criminal underworld. Interestingly adequate, the brand new action brief film also comes a handful of days after actor Harry Shum Jr. (Step Up two The Streets, Step Up 3D, The LXD, Mortal Kombat Legacy two) was quoted in an post at MTV Geek sharing his personal interest with reporters in playing Nightwing, which does share some appeal in the sense that it could get far more folks speaking. And who knows? If there is a larger push from the fanbase, we may just get that nightwing story we've all been curious about.

Granted, this is not the only time we have seen the character pop up online. If you do a random nightwing search on YouTube, you happen to be bound to come across something in a single kind or yet another. So it pretty much goes with no saying that there's absolutely a vested interest from fans and content material creators about what a significant function-length studio production would look like if one particular was greenlit.

For now even though, we have the internet at our disposal, with producers Denise Pantoja and TJ Rotell and editor/director Brett Register prepared to see how far their own take on the story will go. And on that note, you can CLICK Right here to uncover out much more on how you can make that take place.

The Dark Knight Legacy is written by Woody Tondorf and Chris Landa, and stars Daniel Vincent Gordh and Jason Todd, along with Brian Kimmet, Craig Frank, Aoni Ma, Bonjah, Jack Conway, Jin Kelley, Armand Vasquez and Chloe Dykstra, with action coordination by EMC Monkeys.

A New Terror Emerges To Continue The Nightwing Story Arc In THE DARK KNIGHT LEGACY
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