Monday, November 4, 2013

A Lone Cop Fights His Way From Behind Enemy Lines In The New Promo For SPECIAL ID

Easternlight Films and Starlit Group have released a brand new international promo for director Clarence Fok's upcoming MMA cop thriller, Specific ID. The new promo shows brand new footage and displays a continuation of the film's preconditioned guarantee to dazzle the globe audience when the film is released in Hong Kong beginning on October 18, 2013.

The film stars international action sensation Donnie Yen leading the way also as co-producer and action choreography aided by his team, notably which includes action cinema veterans John Salvitti, Kenji Tanigaki and precision stunt coordinator Bruce Law. The film also stars Police Story 2013 co-star Jing Tian, along with legendary screenfighting actors Ken Lo and Andy On, with Hanyu Zhang and Qi Daji rounding out the major cast.
Other release dates are currently pending.

Yen takes on the part of Zilong Chen, an undercover police officer deep inside the ranks of one of China’s most ruthless underworld gangs. The leader of the gang, Xiong (Collin Chou – JET LI’S FEARLESS, THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, THE MATRIX RELOADED), has made it his priority to weed out the government infiltrators in his midst. Struggling to hold his loved ones with each other and his identity concealed, Chen is torn among two worlds. 
Upping the stakes, as Chen’s undercover comrades are getting dealt with, 1 by one particular, Chen fears his days are numbered. Now, he should threat everything to take down the organization and reclaim the life he lost when he took on this perilous assignment. As the action mounts, Chen need to do everything he can to safeguard the SPECIAL IDENTITY he wishes he never ever had before it is as well late.

A Lone Cop Fights His Way From Behind Enemy Lines In The New Promo For SPECIAL ID
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