Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Friendly Visit Stirs Kung Fu Craziness In The New Romantic Action Comedy Short, LOVE LANGUAGE

Are you in the mood for a small adore? A tiny romance? A tiny action and comedy? Then you are just in luck!

Actor and Jabronie Photographs founder and frontman Fernando Jay Huerto stars in a new brief film titled Love Language, about a man who visits a friend's house for a get-collectively. His entrance is welcomed with open arms, followed by a number of other challenges that await him when he suddenly spots the love of his life.

Enjoy Language, produced, edited and directed by Mark Gadia, founder of Nearly Very good Films, is one particular of the latest gems circulating the independent film scene by way of its multi-award winning run in the course of this year's 48-Hour Film Project tour. The short film was also written by Rita Quach, along with Anthony Noceda who co-stars and choreographed the action with Huerto and Lunar Stunts actor and filmmaker, Eric Nguyen Accordingly, the brief film also follows up the events noticed in Gadia's 2012 48-Hour Film entry, Rule 43, which also starred Huerto and Noceda., and actress Ciani Palencia who also reprises her role in this week's sequel.

Other cast members contain Keith Hammond, Gracie Lee BrownIvan Li and Corey Hammond.

It is been a even though given that I wrote about Huerto, who has been busy traveling the globe for the last many months considering that previously operating with Gadia on one of his most recent projects titled Codename: Sword, which pays tribute to the amazing stunt coordination seen in last year's holiday blockbuster event, Skyfall. Huerto is also involved in some upcoming film projects, such as a handful of that will reunite him back on the screen with Canadian action filmmaking stunt group, Eclipse Stunts in the months ahead.

To catch up on what's subsequent, Huerto can also be observed with Noceda, Gadia and others in podcasts that are now accessible for viewing on the official Jabronie Pictures YouTube channel exactly where you may possibly also subscribe. And feel totally free to follow Mark Gadia on Facebook, as effectively as his official YouTube channel below where you can now verify out Enjoy Language.

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A Friendly Visit Stirs Kung Fu Craziness In The New Romantic Action Comedy Short, LOVE LANGUAGE
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