Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Former Legionaire Turns Low Grade Hitman In The New Action Comedy Webseries, HITTING HOME

Blending quirky comedy, family drama and awkward romance with fascinating action is executive producer, writer and director Steve Dispensa's newly debuted pilot premiere for the webseries, Hitting Residence. The pilot, resulting from years of conceptual work, development and crowd funding, initially started out as an MFA thesis Dispensa started working on back in 2007 for the Brooklyn College Division Of Television and Radio.

Hitting Property stars Phillip De La Cal as Joe, a post-college grad who is forced to make some hard decisions about his life right after acquiring dishonorably kicked out of the French Foreign Legion. Jobless and in debt with no girlfriend and forced to move back home with his parents, he gets a job operating as a lowly paid assassin for a shady debt collections agency headed by a former Legionaire himself who buys out Joe's debt. Consequently, Joe has no option but to survive his new job till his debt disappears, while keeping his sanity as he tries repair his fractured relationships with his ex-girlfriend and his family.

The pilot is close to an hour lengthy, and is now available on Youtube, with many film festival appearances in the generating. Hitting Residence also stars April Grimes, Amanda Holston and Pascal Yen-Pfister, with action and stunt coordination by versatile mixed martial artist and weapons specialist, Clodagh Power.

Verify out the trailer below, and click Here to view the pilot episode. And for a lot more info, adhere to the series progress at the official internet site, as well as Facebook.

A Former Legionaire Turns Low Grade Hitman In The New Action Comedy Webseries, HITTING HOME
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