Thursday, October 31, 2013

LBP Stunts Chicago Keeps At Work!

The folks more than at LBP Stunts Chicago still put out their own remarkable sets brief action choreo samplers from time to time when they're not working on significant Hollywood sets. Here are just a couple of current ones they've brought to the internet, all 3 of which feature Alex Hashioka opposite Keith Min (pictured above), Jim Priz, new LBP screenfighting candidate Nicholas Foreman, and Greg Poljacik, with which the latter short was impressively filmed with only a Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Hm...I'm practically tempted to see what I can do with my S3, but I'm no screenfighter, so I digress. ^_^

On another note, it really is been a although since I've spoken about Keith because interviewing him nearly a year ago, so it is quite cool that I can share his most recent gig with LBP, moreover as a precursor to an upcoming project he worked on earlier this year with Secondary Education director Jon Truei. So preserve your eyes on the internet for that one in the months ahead, and keep tuned for more from the crew at LBP, including actors Emmanuel Manzanares, fellow LBP member Shawn Bernal, and fight choreographer Vlad Rimburg in the upcoming independent function-length release of Unlucky Stars.

LBP Stunts Chicago Keeps At Work!
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